June 28, 2006

I just printed up 15,000 friggin 22 x 30 posters to celebrate 10 years in the this crazy music business. The posters are free, so go to asianmanrecords.com and see how you can get one or if you live in the South Bay, just come over and I'll give you a bunch.
Check them out. You will be very happy!!

7:49 AM
I've managed to sleep worse than I have in years. My body feels like crap and I look like Nick Nolte on a bad day. It's like I went out drinking until the point of vomit, but I DIDN'T DRINK!!! The reason I couldn't sleep... Well, here's the story. Yesterday I woke up at 5 AM to deliver Monica to the airport. She was to arrive in Portland Maine at 9 PM. A long flight, but she got a good deal on a ticket and blah blah blah. Anyways, at 7:15 AM today(24 hours later), she finally arrived. The genius airline behind this.... UNITED. Of course.... Good ol' United. I used to think SOUTHWEST was a shatty airline, but now SOUTHWEST is like AIR FORCE ONE compared to UNITED. Damn, I'd rather fly AIR CONGO or AIR KUWAIT or give me AIR NORTH KOREA. At least they'd give you water. Did you know American Airlines doesn't even serve bottled water. Only tap water? And United has joined American in 86ing pillows on their flight. Why am I bringing up American Airlines in the mix?? Not sure... I just couldn't seen a foreign airline screwing people over to this degree. Yes, I am full of rage and perhaps a bit cynical. But my complaints are only PG rated. But I want to say the F word so badly. ARGGGHHH!!! F#$K And I want to wish bad things on UNITED in great detail, but I will not. Yes, I will. I fly the cheapest airlines I can find and if I'm lucky I get to fly THAI AIR or KOREAN AIR, BRITISH AIR. The service is insanely good and the food delicious. The stewards are handsome, charming, blah blah blah. US stewards are rude, overweight, and just do enough to get the job done. Perhaps I should I be a pill popper. Whenever I fly overseas, pop a few pills, know myself out and dream of dreamier things until the flight is over. What the heck am I talking about??

Back to MONICA:
She arrived in Washington DC at 12:20 PM(3:20 EST) yesteday. Her flight to PORTLAND was at 7:15 PM. A long layover, but she knew this going into it, so no biggie. The flight was delayed til' 8:30 PM. Again, no big deal. But at 8:30 PM, they said it would be delayed til' 10:00 PM. Well, 10:00 PM comes along and nothing. No information and a gate full of people scratching their heads starting to get restless and angry. Finally at a bit past 11 PM, they board the plane. Halfway through the boarding process they stop and everyone gets off. The reason:
The pilot is tired and can't make the final flight. Are you kidding me? I'm sure he was tired and probably on major overtime, but come on....it's only a 90 minute flight. They make an announcement that another pilot is being sought out and hopefully they can get the flight going. At midnight, the flight is canceled! At this point, the people are given three options(There are over 100 people still there):
A:Get on standby for the 8:45 AM flight to PORTLAND, MAINE
B.Fly back to Los Angeles and then direct to PORTLAND, MAINE
C.Fly to BOSTON, but that's two hours away from POTLAND

By some miracle of GOD, Monica made it on the 8:45 flight. But she said a ton of people were left off including an elderly couple whom she became friends with during the night. Their luggage couldn't be retrieved, so in addition to having no place to stay, the passengers were left without any of their belongings. Monica's phone had died, her charger placed in her checked baggage. My last contact with her was at 9 PM PST to the sound of tears flowing. So I've been stuck in crazed mode the last 10 hours. Albeit, I was at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk riding rollercoasters while this was happening. DOH!! But nonetheless, I was worried sick and couldn't enjoy the dips and doodles of the big dipper.
Mike Park