June 22, 2006

I just printed up 15,000 friggin 22 x 30 posters to celebrate 10 years in the this crazy music business. The posters are free, so go to asianmanrecords.com and see how you can get one or if you live in the South Bay, just come over and I'll give you a bunch.
Check them out. You will be very happy!!

Somehow I've been nominated to be one of the first videos played on the new MTV channel MTVK. There's no chance I'm gonna win going up against the likes of LINKIN PARK and the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S, but "HEY!!" it's still pretty flattering to be included. And who knows, maybe I will win, but probably not. But you never know, ummmmm... Anyways, if you want to check it out, go to MTVK.com You don't have to vote for me, just check it out. I hate when I get mass emails from bands that say, VOTE FOR US!! WE'LL GET TO BE ON BLAH BLAH BLAH. Who cares.

10:47 AM
My friend Hiro Tanaka from Tokyo, Japan just told me he's gonna fly to friggin Portland, Maine to be at my wedding. This is crazy as I know it's gonna cost him an arm and leg, but geeeeeeezzzzz... What a suprise and I can't think of anyone I'd like more to celebrate this occasion with than Hiro.

He'll spend 22 hours getting there and then 25 hours getting back. Insane he is. And then he's coming to England with me 2 weeks later. Oh boy. What fun eh?

The heat continues to pour down on the south bay. At 9 AM, I could already feel the heat pouring through the walls of my home. No air conditioning = hellacious heat, but ya know... it doesn't stay hot enough year round to warrant an air conditioner. Just get through the handful of days of extreme heat and all will be great.

I'm going dancing tonight downtown SJ, so if you see me tearing it up, stay clear. I'm dangerous.
Mike Park