June 21, 2006

Somehow I've been nominated to be one of the first videos played on the new MTV channel MTVK. There's no chance I'm gonna win going up against the likes of LINKIN PARK and the YEAH YEAH YEAH'S, but "HEY!!" it's still pretty flattering to be included. And who knows, maybe I will win, but probably not. But you never know, ummmmm... Anyways, if you want to check it out, go to MTVK.com You don't have to vote for me, just check it out. I hate when I get mass emails from bands that say, VOTE FOR US!! WE'LL GET TO BE ON BLAH BLAH BLAH. Who cares.

9:46 AM
Today will be hot. Perhaps reaching triple digits. It's already heating up and fortunately the basement/garage of my mom's home stays cool. And lucky me, that's where asian man is located.

My roomate's sister is between homes and asked if she could store a few necessities at our place. No problem. I thought.....a few boxes, perhaps a few suitcases, but so far we've got a tire, about 30 boxes, table, chairs, coat hangers. Hmmmmmm.. Necessities? I'm not sure what the tire is for. Argghhhh.. I don't really care. It's just that this person has owed me money for 5 years and doesn't even bring it up. It's frustrating. I have a notepad with everyone who owes me money. Over $20,000 is owed to me by friends. Note to everyone... DO NOT LOAN MONEY TO FRIENDS. They will not pay you back and your friendship will end. They'll avoid you like the plague knowing that they owe you cash. Ahhhh... it's fun.

A band from Japan called Kemuri asked me to write two songs for their next album. I wrote songs on their first three albums and am excited to be asked to be a part of their music again. They play mostly SKA and hail from TOKYO. It's always exciting to get a chance to write some SKA tunes. Writing horn parts is fun fun fun.. So look for some new ska stuff from my mind.

Well, back to work. Enjoy your day.

Mike Park