November 15, 2003
3:25 PM

I haven't slept since 9:01 AM of 11-14-03. Drove to PHOENIX, spent 6 hours there and then drove straight to Las Vegas, where I am at my friend Jothams house using his computer to do email and fun stuff of the sort. Had an amazing time last night in Phoenix. The nicest girl named Billie and her friends made belated Bday cards for me and Billie bought me this huge bruce lee full size cut out. Why are you so nice? Thanks so much. And thanks for helping me sing along trying to remember old songs like Mr. Hanalei. Oooooooh that was hard. Right now, I am basically a physical wreck. I spent a good 5 minutes reading one sentence of an email over and over again before I even realized what the heck I was doing. I'll be home soon, so I'll write more. Just wanted to say thanks to all the amazing people I met this past week. Take care always. By the way POLYSICS is the greatest band in the world. They kept me awake for the whole drove to Vegas.

Peace, mike