June 12, 2006

9:50 AM
I have a big red spot on my right eye. On the white part.. You know the SCLERA. I'm hoping it's because I got hit playing basketball and not because I'm Louis Braille fiddling with my dads tools and ultimate blindness will follow. That made no sense huh? Oh well. I'm no writer, but I am good at other things. SUCH AS:

-riding a bike
-making microwave popcorn
-taking out the trash
-sleeping(once I actually fall asleep)
-going to movies
-selling stuff on EBAY
-reading magazines
-talking in different voices

and many more talents I have. But these are my strong points. A catch for anyone right?? Well, I finally found someone who caught this big fish. You see, I'm getting married next month in the beautiful state of MAINE. The lucky woman you ask?? Well, her name is MONICA NAPPI. After years of dodging the ultimate commitment, I've decided to finally make the big move to marriage. Yeah, I know... Thousands of women will be sad when news gets out, but that is life of a rock star.

Ok, so that's a big thing in my life. YAY!! for me. Send your gifts to:
PO BOX 35585
MONTE SERENO, CA. 95030-5585

Peace always,
Mike Park