June 05, 2006

9:40 AM
I am a bad brother. On Friday morning I was supposed to take my sister and brother in law to the airport at 5 AM. Guess what? I forgot. The guilt of hearing their desperate voices in message after message saying "Where are you"??? I had a knot in my stomach all day thinking "How could you do this?? What kind of brother are you".. But being the loving sister, she forgave me right away. Regardless, it made me sick to my stomach.

Did a lot of stuff these past 4-5 days.
-Saw Alkaline Trio
-ate Indian food
-went to a wedding
-ate Italian food
-had guests over for dinner
-went to Santa Cruz
-planted trees
-made smoothies
-saw the GING NAN BOYZ from Japan play the most intense heart stopping punk rock set that I've seen in years
-went to a graduation party
-battled allergies
-tossed and turned at night
-played basketball
-went to an arcade
-went to garage sales
-bought 7 maple trees for $150!! YAH!!!!
-and collapsed at around 2 AM this morning after watching the brady bunch movie. I still feel a bit ill. And my conclusion is that it's allergies that are making me feel under the weather. Itchy eyes, snot coming out of my nose and run down. Ahhhhh... isn't life beautiful.
Peace, mike park