May 31, 2006

10:16 AM
I sure feel a lot better today, even though I only managed 6 hours of sleep. Perhaps the 14 hours from the previous day gave me the boost I needed. Plus the constant zinc intake and vitamin C, ginseng, and multiple Korean soups. Hmmmm....

Alas, these three day weekends are tricky. Though it feels like the week has just started, tomorrow is already thursday and hence the week is over. Great right? Yeah, I guess.. but I kind of feel bogged down for some reason or another. Perhaps, it's because I'm crazy. Anyways, the weekend is crazy busy for me as I pace myself for the insanity to be.

I chopped my hair off. It's very short and it feels wonderful. The mop top was killing me softly as they say in some far away place. It's like I dropped a good 10 pounds of hair. I feel lighter and ready to take on the world.
Be well.
Mike Park