May 28, 2006

5:28 AM
Monica called me at 3:40 AM. I've been up ever since. Why can't I sleep? My mind is now racing fast in circles. I'm thinking of XMEN 3 and wondering "I wish MUTANTS were real...". I am a mutant. Jenny Choi thinks I'm a mutant. My powers? Eating. No different than ROGUE. She can't touch anyone. What's the use?

Ummmm.. yeah, it's 5:30 AM. What do you want from me? You want me to make sense? I played at a place called the HI DIVE in Denver. Turns out I played there in 1990 when it was called 7 SOUTH. The show was ok. I had fun, but it was a bar and I just can't play bars anymore. The banter of pool tables and clinking glasses while I sing ballads drive me insane. No more bars. Just record stores, art galleries, house shows, cafes, etc... Listen to my words, that is it. Except for the tour in Europe later this year... Ummmm....yeah, then that's it.

I think I'll try sleeping. My plane leaves in 7 hours. Hey, to my friends back home... What's going on this weekend??? Anybody bbq's or fun stuff. Call me.