May 26, 2006

10:50 AM
I'm somewhere near downtown Denver staying at my friend Josiah's home. I woke with stomach pains which can mean one of two things:
A.You are hungry
B.You aren't hungry cause you ate too much before you slept.
Can you guess which one applies to me? Yeah, eating nachos at 2:00 AM probably isn't the smartest thing to do, but it sure tasted good whilst doing it.

I left San Jose last night. My 8:05 PM flight was delayed an hour, which put me at the airport with an extra 2.5 hours to kill. It's a small airport, so there's not much to see. Eating a sandwhich at TOGO'S and then making a few laps back and forth killed about thirty minutes. The Miami Heat/Detroit Pistons basketball game had just started, so I peered from afar trying to watch the game. My horrible eye sight made it difficult to see the fine details of the game and I didn't want to buy a drink to sit up close because....well, I'm cheap.

After a few more laps around the aiport I broke down and got a pint of beer, so I could watch the game. SAMUEL ADAMS=$8 + TIP..........$9. Damn, maybe I should go into the alcohol business and join in on the capitilization of addictions. That could be a healthy conscious riding my shoulders eh? Well, at least I got to watch the second half of the game up close while trying to nurse a beer for more than an hour.

Heading towards gate C12, I flew FRONTIER AIRLINES. The marquee airline for DENVER. The ticket ended up costing me nearly $300, but I like FRONTIER. They have LIVE SAT TV for $5. The 2 and a half hour flight flew by. I need to look into more FRONTIER flights going coast to coast. That would be ideal, flying to NEW YORK watching a ball game. MMMMMM.... I'm excited just thinking of the opportunity. Why can't all airlines do the same?

We went to Josiah's place, ate the nachos, watched Family Guy til' the wee hours in the morning and that's it. I'm off to meet up with friends for lunch. Be well. Enjoy your weekend. I will blog my ass off after the shows.
Mike Park