May 24, 2006

11:00 AM
I'm anxious....overthinking...and blah blah blah. Need to relax and not worry so much. I'm heading to Denver tomorrow and for some reason I'm not super excited to make the journey. Perhaps it's the thought of jumping on another plane and battling the airport craziness, or maybe I'm content with staying home for awhile, or I'm just getting lazy. Ahhhh...who will be fine. I'm a bit crazy in my advanced age.

After a weekend of rain, I'm pretty sure we're back on California weather. We should have clear skies throughout the summer. I've dusted off the bicycle and I'm riding to work. I'm living in the hell called Los Gatos. This place sucks. I need to make sure this stay is as short as humanly possible. Perhaps one year and then get out while I still can. Be well.

Peace, mike park