May 23, 2006

1:12 AM
As the clock ticks, I stay awake. Though I'm sure I've beaten all jet lag, the fact remains that when my mind races, it's hard to sleep. I just lay there looking up at the ceiling, wondering about stuff. ya know what I'm saying? Does this happen to you? To be honest, i don't mind having insomnia. There's a certain charm to being wide awake in the middle of the night, knowing that you have to be up in a few hours. For me, I don't have to be up til' 9 AM, so I've still got plenty of time for some slumberin.

My apologies for the lack of blogging. I'm gonna get back on track. Let me think for a second....Did I do anything worthwhile last week? I went to Santa Cruz and saw the Aquabats, hung out with various friends, saw the A's vs. the Giants amidst a thunder storm that fortunately didn't stop the game. Built a fence in my backyard and did some remodeling in the kitchen. Sound fun? Yeah, not so exciting huh? I'm becoming a bore in my older age. Wish I could write stuff like "Did cocaine off this broads chest and then raced around in my Ferrari high on SMACK!!".

But alas, that is not me. I'm just a boring old man who is content on eating ice cream and going to garage sales. XMEN 3 is coming out on Friday, but I'll be in Denver playing shows. I wanted to round up a posse to see the movie, but perhaps I can still do that in Colorado. Hmmmm... Ahhhhh... yes, more boring banter from me. Maybe I should try to sleeping.
Peace, mike