May 17, 2006

3:43 PM
I am in dire need to get a hold of the gentleman who asked me to play in a suburb of Chicago on June 3rd for his wife/girlfriends birthday?? And I realize this is ruining the suprise if she reads this, but I have to cancel and unfortunately I can't find your contact address. I can refund your deposit asap. And believe me when I say I'm sorry. Also, sorry for having to contact you this way, but I belive you read the blog and I just need to get in touch. Please forgive... And to the wife/girlfriend, please know that your significant other is very good and wanted you to have a special gift by bringing me to play, but ya know.... I'm not that special. So think of it as a bonus where you don't have to waste the money on me and can use it on something good. Regardless, please someone get a hold of me as I would like to send a gift.
Peace, mike park