May 11, 2006

3:22 AM Thursday in California
7:22 PM Thursday in Seoul, Korea
Ahhhhhh.. I'm 36,000 FT up, 5,013 KM traveled, with a tailwind of 50 KM/H. This is all information that is on my tv screen via United Airlines. Approximately 4.6 HRS remaining on this 10 hour flight. It's been pleasant to be quite honest. For some reason it's gone by faster than I expected. My mom and I are situated exactly 42 rows back(Second to last on the left side of the plane). This time the movies are as follows:
3.Some movie with that girl from FRIENDS. Damn, what's her name?? Jennifer Anniston. DUH. Yes, she's in it and the girl from American Beauty and Kevin Costner.
4.The Matador
5.Bourne Supremacy
6.Kingdom of Heaven
(Why I capitalized the first two movies and not the rest is beyond my comprehension)

For lunch we had more bad airplane food. United gets my prize for worst airline food. YUCK!! Just serve us Peanut Butter Jelly sandwhiches. It would be better than the hot meals you're attempting to feed us. Back track to yesterday:

I went for my first solo walk. Trekking through the north side of Seoul, I walked straight for 50 minutes and then back. This is my trick for not getting lost in a strange place. Back to the crib, I showered up for an interview with a Korean newspaper. We met at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel. The oldest hotel in Korea. Very posh..swanky type of place. The poor journalist took a 1.5 hour taxi to the hotel. Damn, we could have just done it over the phone, but I think in person interviews are the way in Korea. And there was no recording device. All hand written notes.

Back to my aunts house I had a few hours to kill before meeting up with my uncle for dinner. I hadn't eaten lunch and the hunger pains were knocking, but i thought I'd tough it out since it was so close to dinner. The restaurant was walking distance to my aunts. Our table had a beautiful view of downtown Seoul. Looking over the menu I realized this place was either:
A.Ridiculously overpriced
B.Some friggin good food
-I think a bit of both. For two pieces of Korea ribs called Kalbi, it would cost you about $50 US. Now, let's look at it this way. I could 5 of those potions. My uncle paid, so I just went with it. Lots of food and my interior calculator added up the bill. My guess is at least $500-$700 for the dinner.

And that was it. I can't speak korean, so small talk was at its smallest. We took some pictures and then back home where I packed and retired for the night. Up at 7 ish, we finished packing everything up, some emotional goodbyes, and then took a bus to the airport. GAME/SET/MATCH
Mike Park