May 07, 2006

6:33 PM Sunday in California
10:33 AM Monday in Seoul, Korea
As usual, the experience of jet lag continues in spurts throughout the night. Waking up periodically and being wide awake. Forcing myself back to sleep and then repeating. Makes for an interesting night of sleep. But I managed 7 hours, waking up at 8 AM. Yesterday morning consisted of waiting around, watching my computer screen in lieu of television coverage of basketball between the Phoenix Suns Vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The computer would update the score every 90 seconds. I did this for 2.5 hours of my day yesterday. Are you kidding me?? NO!! I am not. What a waste of time, but my hatred for an individual named Kobe Bryant made me suck it up to see if his pompous ass got ousted from the NBA playoffs. And the basketball gods were watching as they made sure he was sent home packing.

After wasting my morning, I went out and bought some shoes. My dress shoes were destroyed in the rain of the previous, previous day. Holes galore shooting through water and wet socks. ENOUGH!! I bought new shoes for 27,000 won. About 30 bucks US. And a couple new pairs of socks. YAY!! Clean socks. Can't get enough of clean socks. There's no better feeling than putting on new socks. Again.. YAY!! I met up with a volunteer named Da hey from the Music Festival at 3 PM. She took me on the subway to the gig yesterday. My first experience on the Korean train system. Looked to be pretty easy in terms of travel. We walked about 30 minutes to a train station that would be a direct route to Hon dae(I'm spelling this all wrong). Next thing you know Phillip and Jenny from the band Sanawon spot my large head from two cars away and we are now a posse. I meet their college friend named Linda and now we are all acquainted. Straight to the club, we do a sound check and then have a few hours of free time. We walk through a small flea market and then to a little cafe for some coffee and snacks. It was a nice outside patio. Very relaxing, but very expensive. About $50 total. For some reason I thought things were inexpensive in Korea, but not true. Much more than in the US. Oh well.

Back to the club, I settle down in the back and wait for the show to start. There are five acts performing. Two from Korea, one from Japan, myself, and Sanawon. All the music was fantastic. The club was small, but great sound, and super clean. Perfect for our show. People seemed genuinely excited about our presence and it made for a great experience. Afterwards, the promoters had a little after party for us, but I needed to catch the last train back to my aunts home. We actually ended up taking a taxi back. It cost 20 bucks, which was definitely reasonable considering the distance to the venue. And now I'm just relaxing. Waiting til' around 2 PM and then I will go to a tv station to film for a show that will be broadcast tomorrow. Not sure if I'm nervous or not? National TV, but what will that do for me? I have no idea. Just sit back and have fun I guess.
Peace, mike park