May 06, 2006

11:27 PM
Back at my aunts house, round of 1 of the BORN IN KOREA tour is over. That's not the name of the tour, I just made that up right now. I'm pretty clever eh? I played a festival show in Seoul called HI SEOUL FESTIVAL. Now, that's a clever name eh? Ummmm.. yeah..

Anyways, I woke up at around 8 AM. Forcing myself to go back to sleep at least 3 times. In hindsight it really helped me beat the jet lag. I'm tired right now, but I made it through the day with a good amount of energy. Hmmmm.... As has been the norm in my Korea experiences with food, our breakfast consisted of something that could have been dinner, lunch, it's all the same. Fish, Picked radish(various Kimchee dishes), seaweed, salad, and soup. Which is fine. Why in the US do we feel obligated to eat bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice, pancakes, etc.. Why can't we have a hamburger and fries? Sounds weird doesn't it? But why not? Are we just brainwashed to eat what we're told to eat.

So I lounged around reading a bit before a staff member from the festival came and picked me up at 11 AM. And off we went on our hour journey to the festival. Battling through broken English, I try my hand at small talk. I learn that he loves Indie rock and bands like SEAM, SLINT, and the SMASHING PUMPKINS. He is a student and will be going to China in the fall to study. And that's about it.

Todays show is at the WORLD CUP PEACE STADIUM. It's outside in one of the parking lots and of course it's raining like crazy. I forgot to mention this wonderful fact. So we make our way through deep puddles and up to a beautiful stage. Hundreds of volunteers with raincoats on battle through the rain covering the stage in pop up tents. Ahhhhh.. The show will go on, but there will be compromises. Things are running behind schedule, so I head off to the mall that's in the stadium. Ahhhh.... my favorite pastime of walking is hindered by the fact that I have holes in my shoes and now my socks are drenched and my feet cold. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yeah, I like to complain. I want to buy some food, but I'm too scared to try my hand at speaking Korean. I suck. Instead I walk in circles for a good hour and a half. And somehow I get lost. There's nothing around this place except for the stadium, so how in the world do I get lost?? But I eventually find my way back to the stage and wait for my turn to play. There's 8 bands total. 8 bands of very diverse sounds. No 2 bands were the same. Man, I've lost my drive to watch live music. Shouldn't I be excited to see all these bands from Korea? But I wasn't. I just wanted to play my songs. Cause I'm the best right?

Anyways, it's still raining and what was expected to be a crowd in the thousands turns into a crowd of about 300. The volunteers almost equaled the actual spectators. But everyone seems to have a great time and I'm happy to be playing music in Korea. But it's hard not to be a little dissapointed. The stage was amazing with a large screen behind it for the standing room only crowd that would have been to far away to see my beautiful face. Oh well. I can't looking back wishing I could see my face while I played, but I could only see the back of my head. It's weird to have existing fans in Korea. I get a kick out of it. Anytime I go overseas and people know who I am, it's strange and exciting and I get all giggly inside.

The show is over and the people in charge take us out to dinner. We get soon tofu. Means soft tofo soup. And a stroll through the han dae section of Seoul. I think they wanted to take me out drinking, but I just wanted to go back to my aunts house. So here I am, not too late. But I'm tired and I'm sure typos are popping up more than usual. Club show tomorrow. Time to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Peace, mike park