May 04, 2006

10:12 PM
And I'm barely eight hours into this flight.. 4 hours to go and my day that started at 7:30 AM will be finished. Oh....well, actually I still need to make it through customs, get my bags, and then take a bus to my aunts house. So give me another 6 hours to make it to my final destination in Seoul, Korea. I have to admit that I've been given some surreal(in a good way) conditions for flying. Seats 17A and 17B were given to my mom and I. We started the day without seats and now we are sitting in a front row that has no seats in front. I can stretch my legs to their fullest. We even have our own tv's on this flight which has been lacking on past United Airlines adventures. Albeit the selection of movies are kind of shiiiiitey.
Here's what we got:
NANNY MCPHEE(I think that's the name)
CHRONICLES OF NARNIA(I've seen it three times in the theater already)
A movie with Queen Latifah and LL COOL J. Don't know the name, but Latifah is given three weeks to live and she just goes on a spending spree. That's the first movie I watched on the plane.
Some ENFORCER 2 type of name movie. Shooot up bad guy stuff
and then a joust era knights in shining armor movie. I don't know the name.
-there is also a Korean channel and disney channel

Everything is on repeat and there's nothing worth watching. I've finished the inflight sudoku and now I'm in crazy mode. 4 hours of crazy mode. DOH!!! That's not gonna be fun. I'm wearing flip flops, basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Why not be comfortable on a flight this long. Right?

I wonder what my mom is thinking? This is the first time she's ever gone on a tour with me and she hasn't even seen me play since 1998. Ugghh.. Hope I don't embarass the family. DOH! DOH! It's strange to say, but I'm not super excited about this trip. I'd rather be home to be perfectly honest. Perhaps it's because I don't have any friends in Korea or perhaps it's because I don't know much about the music scene. It's a shame, but everything I've heard out of Korea in terms of underground punk has been sub par at best. I would love to release a Korean band in the US, but nothing has caught my attention. (YET)

My eyes hurt and I'm gassy(is that a word? GASSY? GASEOUS? GASSEY?). That's it for now. Perhaps I'll write a bit later. Be well.
Peace, mike park

6:48 AM
I am about to close my eyes for the first time in a long time. I managed maybe 30 minutes of sleep on the plane and now I'm sleeping on a korean mat that is the equivalence to sleeping on hardwood floor in my eyes. PLUS, my pillow is just a rock. Give me a rock and that's what my pillow is. It doesn't matter, I'm so tired I'll be dozing in seconds. Peaczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....