November 13, 2003
8:09 PM

Oh the beauty of southern California. Yesterday was the worst driving experience of my life. A 31 mile drive from Santa Monica to Ahaheim took a record 2 hours and 43 minutes. Profanity was heard often and heard loud from my voice. This was the first big storm of the year for S. California and it was a doozy. The drive did have a beautiful lightning storm for us to view and the huge hail storm leaving puddles of slush which would have been fun to scoop into a cup with some strawberry flavoring. The Chain Reaction is where I played last night. Kind of a deserted show as only 100 people paid, but to be honest, I had an amazing time. My pessimistic outlook was turned quickly as I just felt good about my performance and met some amazing people. It's been 2 and a half years since I last did a tour acoustically and getting up again playing music is something that I really do cherish and I hope it's something that I can do on a more regular basis. My super friend Reika from Japan is with me on this trip and her birthday is today. 27 years old . WOohoo to her. We sped back to Santa Monica after the show, which took only 28 minutes. I was driving faster than usual perhaps to make up from the earlier experience. Today consisted of a trip to Hopeless Records. I had an interview with Jeff Ott and a magazine called Wonka Vision. We were talking about the state of punk rock. I think I was a bit harsh on my outlook. I need to be more positive. Hmmm... I'm blabbing. Anyways, we took off around 1 PM and headed straight to Orange, Ca. to beat traffic as I needed to be at Chapman University to do a radio interview. That's actually where I am right now. I'm here at the station and I'll play a few songs. In between, we ate at Del Taco and saw the movie ELF, which I thought was friggin brilliant. I seriously enjoyed it. It made me think of my friend Bridgett and it made me smile. There was no profanity, no T AND A, no big explosions...It was just a nice family movie. Maybe I'm getting old, but I liked it. GO SEE IT!! Well, I better get off this computer as it's the universities. Take care y'all.

Peace always, Mike Park