April 25, 2006

10:09 AM
The new addiction is YOUTUBE.com
I can spend hours upon hours watching everything and anything. Try it out. Type in whatever. Put in my name. They have videos for even me. It's crazy!! But I've been typing in BLACK FLAG, FISHBONE, DEVO, BAD BRAINS, BIKINI KILL, and a slew of others. Watching footage upon footage of old punk bands. And then I typed in DEGRASSI. LO AND BEHOLD!! They have entire episodes of THE NEXT GENERATION. And since I don't have NOGGIN, I can watch them on YOUTUBE!! HOLY MOLY!! What to do, what to do??

These past few days have been a bit difficult. Lot of personal stuff on the plate. I wish I could share, but ya know.. It's personal. But things are good and I'm very lucky and blessed and blah blah blah. So let's move on to something new.

YES!! PLEA FOR PEACE has found a space. We're putting our letter of intent to lease a space next to the ol' TOWNE THEATER on the ALAMEDA in San Jose. Perfect!! It was formerly being used as a wellness center. There are so many things in common (visually) with what we want that there is barely anything needed to do to start up our mission. The only drawback is that it's not a venue of any sort. So doing live shows will be limited and tricky. We'll be left with doing more workshops with artists teaching music, painting, and more.

But that's what is on the plate for now. Be well. ENJOY YOUR DAY!
Mike Park