April 20, 2006

7:18 AM
My scenery consists of morning haze and a fleet of SOUTHWEST AIRLINES 737's lining the runway at LAX. 3 full days in Los Angeles and no star sightings. Not even a B-list actor like Corey Feldman. That's no fun. It's usually a guarantee that I will see somebody famous whilst in LA. Oh well. So I'm heading back home to deal with many things. Again my mind races beyond the boundaries of normal behavior. Wondering who, what, where, when, why, and how all at once. But life is wonderful. I leave for Korea in two weeks, England at the end of July, and Europe in September. I am celebrating two years plus now with the most beautiful and wonderful woman a man can ask for. And somehow I continue to be blessed....I play my guitar and sing for one hour and people pay me to do this?? Criminal....

The past few days have been spent with my friend Chris. On Monday night, I crashed with Chris even though I was without my luggage. In fact, I spent SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, and part of WEDNESDAY wearing the exact same clothes. And was without a toothbrush for MONDAY and half of TUESDAY. Ditched the underwear after Sunday and wore my socks to death til' last night. YUCK. But I have all new clothes on right now and feel comfortable for the first time in a long time.

On Tuesday night I played a show at LMU (Loyola Marymount University). Our host was Chris Yamashiro (I hope I spelled that correctly). He's a good good boy! I've met him in the past and conclude that he is truly someone that I hope to keep in touch with for a long time. His mom was at the show and she is equally the genius. The Asian student group supplied a vast array of BOBA and COOKIES for the event. What a wonderful touch and who in the world doesn't like tapioca drinks? It made for an enjoyable evening which has continued a string of fantastic shows. (SANS EUGENE) My friend TITO and LISA joined us for some coffee after the show before we made our final descent towards home and the eventual conclusion which included DEATH WISH 4 on cable tv putting me to sleep at past 4 AM. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

I awoke at around 9:30 AM and made some tea before heading out to LMU to meet up with Chris and Sanawon where they were recording for Chris' recording class. Mapquest said 7.8 miles. And I headed out to walk there. leaving at 10:30 I made it to LINCOLN at around 1 PM. With still 3 miles to go I gave up and jumped on the bus for the final stretch. Why are busdrivers such assholes in California? Anyways, that's an entirely different story. Back on the LMU campus two days in a row, I drank Perrier and walked through campus wondering if I still pass for a college aged student?? Sure... Why not? I bet I do. At around 2:30 PM, they were done with their recording project and I helped load out and we headed to the Knitting Factory. This would be.......... perhaps my 5th time playing there?? It's by far the only good place to play in the LA area. There seemed to be a larger than usual Asian turnout to the show. Would that be because Jenny was playing? Well, what a crazy show. Unlike any other show I've ever played in my life. I ended up doing a good 20 minutes of story telling after the show was over. Weird? Fun? Scary? Intimidating? Unconventional? Yeah, sure.. Does it matter? I guess not. people seemed to enjoy themselves and isn't that what really matters? Having a good time. Well, I've got two weeks off before I play again. ZZZZING (Not sure what this is supposed to mean)
Mike Park