April 18, 2006

LA traffic never ceases to amaze me. Even on Easter at 3:00 PM, the highway came to a standstill. Where are these people going? Arggghhhh.. Regardlesss, we made good time to So. Cal. Only stopping once to get food. We were psyched out by a rest stop that included in n' out burger. We weren't alone as cars flooded to their parking lot only to be dissapointed that they were closed. Every other fast food joint was alive and kicking, but not IN N' OUT. Oh well...I settled for TACO BELL.

We rolled into Claremont California at a bit before 4 PM. PITZER COLLEGE was where we would rock out!! A small liberal arts college with less than 900 students. We played at a big seated auditorium called AVERY HALL. Picture a lecture hall with stadium seating. It was a big movie theater really.

The Asian American student group that brought us took us out for Thai food shortly before the show would start. A big dillema for me?? Knowing that it's always been a big struggle to perform after eating so close to show time. But screw it. I'm tired of missing out on free food, so I went for the glory and boy did I over do it. Eating mass amounts of pad thai, curries, egg rolls, and decorative cucumber and carrot garnishes.

Big trouble, My gut was protruding from east to west and it took all the energy I had to suck in. BLAH!!! Back to the college. Luckily Sanawon played first which gave me a small window to digest. Another sparsely attended show, but ya know what. It doesn't matter. It's been a lot of fun lately. I realize I'm pretty friggin lucky to be playing music for anybody, so count my blessings I will. And I'm having more fun than ever. My confidence is at an all time high. My playing is strong and I'm just having a good time right now. And I feel that those who do come are really enjoying themselves. Hope that is the case and not just my imagination.

Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and headed to LA to a friend of PHILLIP'S. He lived right off the I-10 near LA BREA and SAN VICENTE. We rolled in at a decent time and engulfed his wireless internet like crazed junkies waiting to get their high. And isn't that kind of what it's like?? At least for me. I need to get off this stuff. It's killing me.

We set our alarm for 8 AM to start our trek to UC SANTA BARBARA. Load in was at 10 AM for a noon time performance at the school plaza. I've done so many of these shows over the course of my life. It's always awkward playing music whilst college kids walk by to their next class or stop to watch while getting a bite to eat. It's almost as if I'm a zoo animal performing for their entertainment. But again, how can I really complain? I get paid to play music? Damn... And I had fun. The sound system was kicking. I could hear my voice so well and enjoyed my performance.

We were loaded out and back in on the road by 1:12 PM. A quick stop(THIS TIME FOR REAL) at in n out and then back to LA. Again, more traffic to drive me nuts, but I guess it wasn't really that bad. Now we had the whole night off. I tried getting in touch with a bunch of people. I ended up meeting up with my friend Chris and Nicky for Korean food. Man, the Korea Town in Los Angeles is huge. What a shame I can't speak Korean. DAMN!! I'm an embarassment. ANyways, that was pretty much my evening. I am now sitting in the bedroom of Mr. Chris Candy. I have no clean clothes here, no toothbrush, and I feel pretty dirty. Oh well. I'll take a shower in a bit and see if that helps.
Mike Park