April 16, 2006

11:00 AM on the nose!!
HAPPY EASTER on this rainy Sunday morning.  I am traveling south on I-5 towards Los Angeles.  5 hours to go on this dreary drive towards the city of Angels.  Perhaps the most anonymous Easter of my life?  I'm trying to remember if I've ever missed Church on this day?  My mom is bummed that I am not home as she travels to church solo.  Ahhhh...  what to do?  I hadn't realized my tour included Easter shows.  Strange to be honest.  We're playing a show at PITZER COLLEGE on Easter?  Will anybody be there?  I guess I'll find out later tonight.

Friday included a ton of driving.  With our 7:55 AM departure, we got into Sacramento at 6 PM.  I lose a sense of reality during long drives.  Add the slight illness that seems to linger on and you've got 8 hours of hell.  Another long drive today will surely add to the amount of grey hair that's sprouting from my scalp. Anyways, the show in Sacto was quite fun. We played this small cafe called INFUSION. They set us up with free drinks and an attentive room of nice guys and gals. Steve Borth came out along with sister Pammie. It was good to see the Borth family. And of course, anytime I see Kevin, it's a good time. We packed up and were on the road by 11:06 PM. A quick stop at Jack in the Box for fries and then back home to San Jose. We got in at a bit past 1 AM. Monica was asleep, but I didn't have keys, so I banged on the door to no avail. Finally, my pounding woke her up and we ended up talkilng til' past 2 and then ZZZZZZZZZZZ...

8 AM I was up and at em on Saturday morning. We were playing at a toy store in San Francisco at 2 PM. I ran some errands around town and then we left at noon. A full van as we brought Haley with us. A bit cramped in the van, but not bad. There was a festival going on in japan town where the store was located and we knew it would be tough to find parking. Double parked we unloaded and got to the store front with ease. This is a tiny store and I knew it would be cramped. Shinobu joined us on this bill and they rocked as usual. Fun times for sure. I've realized more than ever that playing clubs are the worst. only toy stores for now on.

I have been so physically and mentally tired from this short trip. We ended up just getting burritos in the mission and then back home. We didn't do anything at night. We just kind of lounged around at home and everyone ended up passing out. Ahhhh... The result of getting old.
Mike Park