April 14, 2006

11:15 AM
Sick again? Yes, I am. Feverish with a sore throat that could kill with it's razor sharpness. But alas, things could always be worse. We started our day off with the brake light going on, followed by a funny smell that put up some warning signals. We went to a place called JOE'S GARAGE on 1st street in Eugene and what perhaps was the most amazing garage experience put us on the road in less than two hours with new brake pads and a confidence that we wouldn't die on our backs. WOOHOO! So we're about 2.5 hours behind schedule. It's cool.

Let's talk about last night. Where do I start? Perhaps the worst experience in my 17 years of playing music. Perhaps not, but at least the worst in the last 10 years. We played a U of Oregon school sanctioned event, but for some reason it wasn't on campus, but at the local veterans hall. We arrived in Eugene at around 3:30 PM. Parked and checked to see if we could load in. Nowhere on the premise was there any information about us playing. No flyers, nobody inside knew what was going on, and the confusion would start. At this point I take off and go for a solo walking mission. Looking for thrift shops, music, and whatever. Flyers for other shows were all over the place, but nothing about our show. I looked at the weekly paper to see if there was anything in there, but again NADA. Hmmmmm... Was a show really happening tonight?

I return to the vets hall about an hour later hoping for some resolve. Jenny and Phillip have loaded in everything already. Still no promoter, but somebody at the vets hall let them in. Jenny said she talked to the promoter and he said everything was great and that there would be a great crowd. Ok, no problem. That sounded good to us. At around 6 PM, still no sound system, no promoter, and three bands sitting around twiddling their thumbs. At this point, the promoter's intern showed up. He's a nice enough young man, but he doesn't know where the sound system is and Jenny is pissed off. At this point, I go for another walk as sticking around would prove nothing productive except to get flustered. 50 minutes later, still no sound system, no people and a show that was supposed to start at 7 PM is now pushed to 8 PM. It was around 7:57 PM, nobody is there and I go for walk number 3.

A short 25 minute walk has tea in my right hand and back to the venue I see a sound system being brought up to the venue and about 7 security guards. At this point there are about 5 people milling about looking confused if there is a show or not. The promoter brings us potato chips and soda. I eat none cause I am protesting their existence at this moment. No reason to get mad, but I'm just wondering why did I come up here? It's the first time I played EUGENE since 1996 and it was always an amazing show, but when nobody even knows we're coming what's the use?? Anyways, the show starts at 9:03 PM. Wet Confetti, plays a 17 minute set. I follow that by playing a 4 minute set and I am done before Wet Confetti can even break down their gear. Sanawon finishes with a 20 minute set and we are done in 40 minutes. 3 acts, 40 minutes, pissed off, and ready to cry. I felt bad as there were some kids who came to see me, so I played two more songs after the show for them in the corner and apologized with hugs and handshakes. Ahhhhh..... For the young men involved in bringing us to Eugene. My question to you is WHY?? Why did you have us come here?

We were hooked up with a place to stay from Monica's co-workers girlfriend's stepdad. Nice place, clean, and that's all we could ask for. Right to bed we went and here I am with my head throbbing as we head south for CALI..
Peace always,
mike park