April 13, 2006

10:04 AM
I'm sitting shotgun in the Sanawon mini van. We've just left Walla Walla, Wa. headed to Eugene Oregon. To the right of me is the Columbia River and to the left of me is mountainous terrain. We played at Whitman College last night. A small liberal arts school with an enrollment of less than 1,500 students. Whereas some people would perhaps not enjoy the small town feel, I have always been a fan of the Walla Walla's of the world. Ada, Ohio... Can you hear me??

We were hosted by a group called ACA. Not sure what the acronym is???? Perhaps ASIAN COLLEGE ASSOCIATION?? Hmmmmm.... They made us a home cooked meal of rice, curry, pork, salad, fruit, and cookies. It was delicious!! But at this point in time, I was so delirious from lack of sleep that a roll and a chip of butter would have been glorious. We head back to the college and meet a band called WET CONFETTI. They are from Portland and will be playing with us for the next two nights.

The show starts at a bit past 7 PM and a small but enthusiastic crowd gathers toward the front of the stage. The sound system is bare audible, but the band plows through and plays a great set. I'm up next and thought it's just me and guitar, they should be able to make this sound pretty good. Yes?? No?? Well, it was my first experience of really having band sound with just me and guitar. I should have just unplugged and played unamplified.

Regardless, the show was still great. Don't let my negatives outweigh the fact that I had a fantastic time playing. Sanawon closed the night with potty mouthed fueled pop. Another great set and everyone in attendance seemed really appreciative. I sold 8 CD'S and made some new friends. What else could I ask for??

The show was over by 9 PM and my love for early shows was granted to me. The show gave me a boost of adrenaline as we packed up and were at our host Jennifers home by 9:30 PM. She had 6 other roomates who were gracious enough to let 6 strangers stay with them. I had no sleeping bag, no towel, and no toothpaste. It's a miracle I brought underwear. But they gave us more food, let us play DR. MARIO, and kept us company. I was asleep a bit past midnight and managed 7 hours of sleep. It would have been more if Jenny Choi didn't do the dishes and wake me up. oh well. She likes to be a good guest. Good for her. Back to driving and looking at scenery.
Mike Park