April 07, 2006

11:22 AM
Have I mentioned that I am playing in Korea next month?? I don't even know if this knowledge has been laid down in the blog. But yes, next month on May 6th and 7th, I'll be playing shows and then on May 8th I will be on TV in Korea playing live on some talk show. Hope I don't mess up too bad.

I've posted a bunch of new dates on the website for the UK and EUROPE. This is it for me in 2006. I'm not going to play any more shows after September. I was going to go to Japan in October, but I'm gonna have to wait til' next year.

Plans for the weekend?? Nothing really on my plate. How about yourselves?? Anything fun going on? Will you eat ice cream and ride bicycles? Climb a mountain, read a book, paint a picture? Make lasagna? Have good conversation? Play board games? Work on the yard? Hmmmm.. Hmmm... Hmmm...
Peace, mike park