April 06, 2006

11:03 AM
Oh man... I realize that I just don't like harming animals. Even a rat, so last night was a very difficult experience. At around midnight, I climbed up a ladder towards the attic. Looked to see if my trap had been set, but it was gone....????? What, where did it go? And then I surveyed the surroundings. Nothing to my right, nothing to my left, WOOOOOOOOOOOOWW..... Right in front of me, dead rat.. I screamed like my sister would and almost fell down the ladder. My friend Eric said he would get it, so I gave him a couple garbage bags, but then once he got up there he didn't want to do it either. I begged him.. PLEASE!!! So I stood on the ground with an open garbage bag and he dropped it in. I closed my eyes the whole time and then ran out the front door and straight to the garbage can.. Luckily, garbage day was today and all gone. But I know there's more lounging about. Shivers....

Saw the A's beat teh Yankees 9-4 last night. What a treat. Why all the friggin east coast transplants in the bay area?? Anyways, I love the A's so much. My brother in law hooked me up with some amazing tickets. Right behind home plate, just a few rows away from the field. Oh my... . I was in heaven.
Mike Park