April 04, 2006

9:19 AM
I have been up for less than 5 minutes. A cup of hot tea sits next to me as I try to get my day started. The realization that I need to write as soon as I wake up is a must. My eyes are heavy and my body sluggish, but this is supposed to be the time when the mind is fresh and full of sparkling ideas. Hmmmm.... Nothing.. Blank.

It doesn't even feel like baseball season. But yesterday was opening day. The A's lost 15-2 to the Yankees. Is that a good score? Does this mean the A's are gonna win it all. And the NCAA finale was last night. Good timing by the sports experts?? Not too exciting. I fell asleep for an hour and woke up with a few minutes left in the game. With my concentration more centered on whether or not there are rats running about, I checked through the house to find nothing.

Even first steps this morning consisted of checking each of the rat traps. AGAIN....Nothing. Where did they go? Are they on vacation? Are they here to mock me?? I don't hear a thing now. It's frustrating. Rodents are no fun. The animal lover in me doesn't want to harm them, but the predator in me is saying"KILL KILL". And unfortunately there's no easy way to get rid of the problem without spending money on an exterminator. And really, what will they do other than lay down the traps and basically do what I'm doing. Enough Rat talk, I'm getting sick. Every sound I hear, every step I take, I'm thinking rats. Enough is enough. Ok, better get my day started.
Mike Park
PS-it's still raining...(Those dots are supposed to be raindrops)