April 02, 2006

2:27 PM
I'm so glad to get home a day early. Southwest is a good airline when you have an insane amount of frequent flyer miles. And that is what I have. Many many miles. I charge everything from Asian Man Records on a southwest visa and just like magic, I'm flying free. WOOHOO!!

Home sweet home eh?? Well, not so sweet. My house has been vacant for nearly a week. And to my dismay the evidence of rat droppings were found in several places throughout the house. DAMN!! Where are they coming from? The house is so clean. Seriously. There's not a thing in the world that scares me more than rats. Well, maybe some things, but rats carry disease and must be stopped. I just spent $87 on an electronic rat trap, FIVE of the old fashion spring traps, and a bunch of poison. Wonder what's in the poison that makes the rats want to eat it? Finding rat droppings is never a fun experience. Earlier this year I found rat droppings at Asian Man and now my house. Damn.
Peace, mike park