March 31, 2006

10:06 AM
How did I end up spelling head as HADE. I can see my last post and that's what I did. Man, I really need to start proofing these. HADE. Damn.

Phoenix is perfect right now. The weather is like a picturesque day in the bay area of N. Cali., but the locals say this is just a tease of the living hell that will blast down on the masses in a short few weeks. Temperatures constantly blazing over 100 degrees and energy bills so high, that the faint of heart need not apply. But there is an appeal to the desert that I'm drawn to. Perhaps it is the heat as I enjoy the dry sauna. And I pay a membership just to relax in this atmosphere. Think about it. It can be like that 24/7 for free. Hmmmm....

Billie Speece, my bestest friend in the Arizona region took me thrift shopping during the day and I scored with a bag full of clothes. She also took me to her boyfriend's employer, STARBUCKS, where I got free foo foo drinks. All in all it was a good day. I capped it with a lecture at the University and then dinner with the NAPPI clan. I'm gonna try to catch a flight home tomorrow, as I made a mistake in my travel plans. We'll see what I can get.
Mike Park

11:49 PM
Back from the Nappi/Loughgren wedding, I ate myself into a stupor. Add two pieces of cake and it makes for a full and tired boy. Even the sight of MRS NAPPI dancing couldn't help my extremely full belly. Even Monica danced. Miracle?? Perhaps, but I'd like to think she's maturing. Tears flowed from the family, but the bride and groom seemed pretty stoic. Almost bored to some degree.

All in all a gooooooood night. Weddings are always fun.
Peace, mike park