November 11, 2003
12:07 PM

Happy Birthday to me!! I'm 34 years old today!! YIKES!! But I still feel like I'm 18. Is that bad or good. I think it's good. I'm a kid at heart and probably have more energy than most people half my age. And Happy Record Release to me too....I got a letter from a person who went to the store right when it opened and bought the record. Pretty neat to hear. Anyways, I'm in beautiful Santa Monica, Ca. staying at my friend Chris' apartment. Along with my posse of 3 others, we crowded the floor pretty good and actually slept pretty darn well. I feel a little bit under the weather today..Cough... Headache. I hate that. Everytime I have shows to play I get sick. Ugghhh.... Oh well. I'm downing the Echinacea and vitamin C right now. We left San Jose at 7 PM and arrived in LA at 1 AM. I stayed up for another 3 hours talking to Chris. I probably should have gone to sleep, but now I hadn't seen him for awhile and wanted to catch up. He's does a great impersonation of a mutual friend of ours and it can keep me giggling for hours. Well dear friends, I must get going. I hope you are well. be safe.

Peace always, Mike Park