March 28, 2006

9:02 AM
More rain, wind, and chilly weather makes me wonder why I'm paying such high prices to live in this so called weather wonderland... AHHHH.... The ozone is deteriorating and soon all of mother earth will crumble. North Dakota, here I come!!

So....ANYWAYS, there is only a brief time home for me as I leave tomorrow for PHOENIX for more fun. Weeding through mounds of paper work that I've put off for so long. Well, I guess I'll put it off for even longer. Do you do that?? Put work in two piles.
PILE A:Must complete or big TROUBLE!!
PILE B:Must complete, but will not be in trouble until later date.

Ooooh... I saw road rage yesterday. Right behind me some dude cut off another dude and then the guy who got cut off drove on the shoulder to cut the guy who cut him off. That's a lot of cuts. But I watched it all in my rear view. At the stop light, the guy directly behind me(The guy who cut off because he got cut off) got out of his car. Damn, that's dangerous. Never get out of your car. You're safe in your car. But yeah, that was the highlight of my day. Be well.
Mike Park