March 23, 2006

9:07 AM
As I sit cross legged at San Jose Intl. Airport, this fuckin red neck in front of me has my temperature boiling. If I wasn't such a friendly lad, I'd kick him in the balls. The scenario: Southwest Airlines has three boarding letters: A, B, AND C. I am an A boarding pass, so I usually just sit on the floor and wait til' it's time to board. So I put my stuff down and this redneck says "Are you an A boarding pass"? "Yes", I reply. "Well, you need to scoot on back then ACE".

Hmmm... First of all, I'm not trying to get in the front of the line, I'm just putting my stuff down. Secondly, don't call me ACE. Thirdly, my bag was maybe 6 inches in front of his bag parallel to his with a distance of 3 ft between them. So my reply was "I'm just putting my bags down ACE". Expletives pouring from my mouth would have been better. I am an angry man today. Starting things off on the wrong foot is never fun. But hopefully things get better from here.

I'll report more from the plane. Be well.
Peace, mike park