March 22, 2006

8:53 AM
Unbelieveable!! I don't know what is going on with my body, but I'm still sick. I'm doing everything in my power to get better, but somehow I just can't get rid of this bronchitis that's been ailing me for nearly two weeks. FUN FUN

I've got shows in the mid west this weekend and I've decided no matter what I'm going to play those shows. Even if it kills me.

Skylar from Asian Man showed me an interesting message he got. I thought I'd share it with you. Here's the lowdown:

Like all record companies, Asian Man Records has a myspace account. No big deal right? People ask you to join their groups and stuff like that. Well, we don't add groups unless we know what they're about and as you know you get hundreds of requests every week, so we just deny them all. So this one guy got mad because we turned down his request to join his myspace group called Asian Hipsters. Here's a conversation Skylar has been having with this one guy on myspace:

so you talk about how AA's need to get recognized, yet you don't even do something as support a group that's trying to get us all together.
The first step is for AA's to support each other, once we can do that and acquire our own support system than we will not fall victim to the whims of this white social order.
But you, Mike Park, would rather be a dancing monkey for the white man.
You're not a savior or freedom fighter, you're just another asian monkey dancing for peanuts.
Go ahead, our real leader will emerge one day..

Mike doesn't run this. But I'll tell him he's a dancing monkey for the white man.

Well if he wasn't in charge of rejecting the invite than i take it back.

But if you're asian american and you rejected the invite than shame on you.

There have been a number of bands who gladly decided to join, I guess Asian Man records is too good to dilute their name amongst the common folk.

Yeah, I'm as white as they get. Does that make me bad. Or the white man as you suggest?

I don't know, that depends on you.

For some reason, you whites have been really hostile towards us lately.

I'm in New York, and as American as can be (my grandpa faught the Nazi's in WWII and I went to military school), but it's not like I can walk around without getting some weird vibes.

I really don't know what the deal is, just live and let live. But then again, that's what I say.

Dude, are you for real? Whites have been hostile to you, because they didn't join your myspace groups? Way to fight the power!

no actually, if you took any logic classes than you could infer that I try to START these groups as as result of bigotry.

Do you really think i'd be that child-like?

And I will fight the power, the white patriarchal social order. You don't notice a thing because society revolves around your demographic. You guys are kings in this society, first dibs on everything and anything and anyone else who might threaten this is automatically commodified for white materialism.

Sorry but it's true, but you can change your outlook if you want. That's the ultimate goal, for Asian people to not try as hard and still live a decent life.


Interesting? Oh, so you want to see the guy who wrote this?? Ok, here's his profile link:  

He has one of my songs on his profile and the Chinkees(My band) are on his top 8?? Hmmmm... Basically, it's kind of strange to read something like this. Does this make you feel uneasy? And to BOBBYSTARBUCK... If you want to call me and talk to me then just email me at my or you can call me (408)395-0662
Mike Park