March 20, 2006

2:05 PM
Chock full of anti-biotics I'm waiting patiently for this fever and sore throat to depart my body, but it's still here. Perhaps getting comfortable?

I spent the weekend in doors for the most part. Trying to stay warm with scarf, gloves, and at least three layers of clothing on at all times. I passed the time watching season 5 of the Brady Bunch and viewing raw footage from the living room tour I did last summer. It's finally seeing the light of day as we've found an editor and will weed through the hours and hours of footage that we compiled. Lots of boring stuff. Hopefully there's enough footage to put together an interesting little presentation.

My mom is going to Mexico with a group of friends. I took her to pier 35 in San Francisco where her cruise ship will depart later today. The weather has been horrid. On the way up, there were at least 3 spin outs and one that nearly missed us as we were just 5 cars behind a spinning BMW. Scary.... With my eyes squinting, I carefully made my way through the down pour of rain. But I'm home safe, my mom is perhaps on board the boat eating buffet food, and all is good right? Yeah...
Mike Park

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