March 15, 2006

10:16 AM
Boredom is starting to take over. Without the physical wellness to exercise(I didn't play basketball as planned) and go out into the cold of night, my favorite options of activity are limited. It's easy to get lazy when you're not feeling well. But my problem has always been that I cannot relax. I must go all the time. Feeling cheated out of something, as I know there is much going on in my surroundings.

And after two days of doing nothing boredom set in late last night. Due to my 3 hour nap earlier in the day, I was wide awake late into the night. Wearing 4 layers of clothing, I watched old episodes of the Brady Bunch, skimmed through womens fashion magazines, and read comics. But my head kept thumping with a fever that wouldn't quit. It makes it hard to enjoy anything. My mind would race harder as the body ached.

You wake up hoping that somehow all is better, but I am the same as yesterday. Worse? No. Better? No. Just the same. I have an interview at 11 AM. A bit of work and then who knows. Nothing planned for later on. Be well.
Mike Park

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