March 09, 2006

2:34 PM
Where The Hills Have Eyes... Or something like that. Have you seen commercials for this new movie?? OOOOOOOHHHH!!! It looks scary. The little girl at the end who says "Will you play with me"? Damn. Yeah, I guess.

So after yesterdays marathon run of exercise..... I feel pretty damn good. My legs are a bit sore and I still have shin splints, but I'm ok. After my last leg of basketball last night I headed to the YMCA and just sat in the jacuzzi. An old high school acquaintance named ROY SMITH was in the hot tub. I haven't seen him in 20 years, but we caught up. Roy was one of perhaps 5 African Americans that went to my whitest of white schools. I think my school was 93% caucasian, 5% asian, 1% hispanic, and 1% ROY, PHIL, EDDIE HUNTER, some girl, Phils sister, and ummmm... man that might be it!!! DAMN!! that's not a lot of diversity. I wanted to ask Roy his thoughts of growing up in Los Gatos, but I opted not to. He seemed in good spirits and I didn't want bring him down. I'm good at that. Race/politics... I can make people furious.

mike park

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