February 24, 2006

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1:58 PM
The calming effect of a maddening week coming to an end has never felt better. My body and soul are finally leveling out. I'll spend the weekend gardening and eating unhealthy foods.

The wedding yesterday was unique. About 10 people from Issa's Washington DC past came out to the small ceremony. I did my best to make the ceremony sweet and harmonious. Though the setting was beautiful, we battled the fact that it was public property and having loud voices talking over the ceremony made things not so sweet. But it went well. A few said that they were choked up. Afterwards, we went to Mariachi's on 16th and Valencia for a post wedding lunch. Issa handed me some money for marrying him, but I refused it. Now I am wondering why I refused the money. DOH!!!

I had brought my roommates 12 year old daughter with me on this excursion. She's a bad girl, but I try to teach her the difference between right and wrong. Anyways, her brother George had his 18th birthday dinner last night and lucky me... I got to go and eat amazing food at VIN SANTO in downtown Willow Glen. I left at a bit past 9 PM after getting a call from GOOD CLEAN FUN. They were staying at my house and called to say they were close.

Ahhh...We ended up doing nothing last night. Everyone was tired, so after some small conversation they passed out. So much for the crazy rock n' roll bands eh?? Have a good weekend.
Peace, mike park

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HELP:Dearest friends, I need help getting things started with the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION. I'm at a stand still. My mind is mush. For those involved in the non-profit world, please get in touch. Especially if you live in the San Jose, California area. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to pleaforpeace.com and see what we're working on, but I need help!!!!