November 09, 2003
6:51 PM

After a two hour nap I'm ready to do some work. Hold on, let me crank the volume up on my cd player. Ooooh yeah, that's better. I'm listening to the new Duvall record. Man, that Josh guy can sing. I wish I could sing like that, but I can't. I can sing pretty good, but not like that. I bet I can eat more than him and I'm positive I'm better at basketball. Ummm... yeah, well anyways, my mouth is in pain. I ate some pizza last night and it was too hot, but I just bit down as the sauce roasted the roof of my mouth. OUCH... It doesn't feel so good and everything I eat has not taste. It's like eating unflavored rice cakes. Yesterday, we got our first big storm of the year. At around 5:45 AM I was awoken to the most thunderous of thunders. Car alarms were going off, dogs were barking, and I thought "THIS IS IT!! THE BIG QUAKE!! PREPARE TO DIE"... And then the rain came down with such power. As soon as my heart stopped beating like crazy, I was able to to relax and enjoy the sound of the rain. Yesterday I spent the day in Santa Cruz, I went to the radio station and played a few songs and did a little interview. And at night I played a short set at P STREET. P street is this house off of Ocean that has bands play every so often. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but took some thera-flu and felt much better. That's why I took a long nap tonight. I want to make sure I'm completely well before I leave for my short tour. Ok, my mom is calling me for dinner. I have to go. Be good everyone.

Peace, Mike Park