February 19, 2006

8:59 AM
hors d'oeuvres:
Ahi Tuna
Some friggin tasty puff pastry. Not sure what was in it??

Main Meal:
Greek Salad,
Garlic Shrimp
Roast Pork
Shitake Mushrooms
Miniature Hamburgers
Roasted Potatoes
Veggies galore
and more odds and ends

Fresh made donuts?? Friggin A, you're kidding me?!
With fresh whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a cranberry sauce.

Did Monica dance?? NO!! Was I upset? A bit, but what can you do. She's a wonderful girl, but she won't dance. The best dancer award goes to Jeff Buonacorsi. For three years he traded construction work for dance lessons at a swanky dance studio called Arthur Murray's. He is the best!!

Let's back up to yesterday. 7 AM.... I'm up and at 'em. Time to get out of this smelly room and smell the fresh air of the great northwest. The skies are clear. Beautiful and blue, but it's freezing. Am I back in Europe?? Damn. We head out for some breakfast and then take a nice walk through the neighborhood. After a few hours we go back to our room and take a nap. Damn, it's noon!! We're sleeping the day away.

We're back up and ready to go. It's 6.5 hours til' the wedding, so we give ourselves 6 hours to hang out. Circling through downtown we find an amazing Indian Restaurant. All the foods are so flavorful and I'm fighting back the desire to over eat. Well, I still eat too much, but I could have put away a bit more. So we head out for a long walk. Circling the downtown area, we stop for ice cream. A quick retreat to a mall bathroom and then some bargain shopping at an army surplus store.
They have gloves without fingertips. Perfect. I need those at work. Asian Man is so cold, so I can wear these gloves and still type on the computer.

Bam!! We tire out and decide to see a movie. Transamerica. Genius. End of story. The next 24 hours will be interesting. I leave for Frankfurt Germany at 1:45 PM. On Monday, I'll take a train to Berlin to record a song for a new music show which is supposed to be a big deal. Then I will fly back to San Francisco where I will prepare for a COLONOSCOPY!! You think I'm kidding?? Wish me luck. Oh, by the way Monica and I took the bus to the airport. Catching the 6:30 AM bus. I called my friend Jason to meet us, but he opted for a $28 cab ride. Who wins there?? Hmmmm... maybe him actually. It was cold and early.
Peace, Mike