February 18, 2006

7:08 AM
I guess Mr. Walt Disney is correct, "It's a small world after all". Our flight to Seattle yesterday morning was boarded by many locals of the Los Gatos area.. All were to attend the Kennedy Cosgrove wedding. Included:Myself, the Farwell brothers, Jeff Buonacorsi, the Deckers, and some other people I didn't know and wondered how they knew Kennedy?? The one hour 37 minute flight up north flew by. I bored my old grade school friends with pictures on my laptop. I must have been that guy. Ya know... That guy who just doesn't get the hint that people aren't interested in your friggin pictures. Could it be??

Well, we arrived and lucked out by getting a ride from a friend of the eldest Farwell brother. Monica and I were planning on taking the bus, so we were happy to get the free ride. Everyone was staying at the fancy Westin. US? Well, I pricelined our joint and got a place called the INN AT QUEEN ANN. Hmmm.... I did a web search on it and it looked really nice, but when we got there. DOH!!!! It sucked. Our room smelled like cat urine and the towels felt like they were made out of mesh hat material. Oh well. I LOSE!!

We meet up with everyone at the Space Needle. $13 to go up. Guess what? I didn't go up. Over to pikes market, we get some grubb. The Farwells step mom(SUE) pays. I WIN!! And then everyone gets ready for a little party at a pub hosted by Kennedy's mom. Unfortunately I feel like passing out, so I'm skipped out on the fun.. I am a LOSER!!
Peace, mike park