February 17, 2006

DO YOU BOOK DIY SHOWS?-All of you who book shows across the United States, get in touch with me please. Asian Man Records bands want to tour this summer, so get in touch if you can help with booking. mikeasianman@aol.com

HELP:Dearest friends, I need help getting things started with the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION. I'm at a stand still. My mind is mush. For those involved in the non-profit world, please get in touch. Especially if you live in the San Jose, California area. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to pleaforpeace.com and see what we're working on, but I need help!!!!

7:57 AM
There's something to be said about a good nights sleep. Unfortunately nothing can be said in my case. A lackluster night of freezing cold weather and a bad case of blankets falling off make for a shatty night of sleep. BUT!!! It's nights like this that make you appreciate sleep more than ever. And it's not quantity, it's quality. 7 hours of solid sleep is much better than 12 hours of I can get out of bed sleep. Ya know??

So I went to Mission College last night to talk to give a lecture. Perhaps this is the sign that I should stop doing these. Every time I do one, I just see the dazed looks on un enthused students. My train of thought gets out of wack and the next thing ya know I feel like doing a little dance to get their attention. UGGHH!! No more, unless I get paid top dollar.

Enjoy your weekend people.. I'm off to Seattle in an hour.
Mike Park