February 10, 2006

DO YOU BOOK DIY SHOWS?-All of you who book shows across the United States, get in touch with me please. Asian Man Records bands want to tour this summer, so get in touch if you can help with booking. mikeasianman@aol.com

HELP:Dearest friends, I need help getting things started with the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION. I'm at a stand still. My mind is mush. For those involved in the non-profit world, please get in touch. Especially if you live in the San Jose, California area. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to pleaforpeace.com and see what we're working on, but I need help in finding out how I can open a youth center.

11:55 AM
My legs feel like jello. Well, not when i touch them, they don't feel like jello. It's just that they feel all quivery. Quivery.... is that a word? Hmmmm....
I've iced my legs, sat in the hot tub, and will try to see a masseuse later to try and help my ailing knees, shins, and thighs.

Tonight, the very talented and beautiful Heather Hannoura is having an art show in San Francisco. You might know her as the artist for the ALKALINE TRIO. She's kind of like the 4th member. She's been doing merch. for at least 8 years now. So if you've ever bought a shirt at an ALKALINE TRIO show before it's probably her that sold it to you. But should be fun. Matt Skiba is coming and a bunch of other folks I haven't seen in awhile. FUN FUN

I'm looking forward to the weekend as the Chinese New Year Parade is tomorrow. I've never been before, but it's supposed to be quite the spectacle. Monica and I will celebrate in costume. Me as Bruce Lee of course and her as Chuck Norris. yeah, i know Chuck Norris aint Chinese, but we can pretend it's the fight scene from Return of the Dragon. Sounds dumb eh?? mmmmm... yup..

Mike Park