February 09, 2006

DO YOU BOOK DIY SHOWS?-All of you who book shows across the United States, get in touch with me please. Asian Man Records bands want to tour this summer, so get in touch if you can help with booking. mikeasianman@aol.com

HELP:Dearest friends, I need help getting things started with the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION. I'm at a stand still. My mind is mush. For those involved in the non-profit world, please get in touch. Especially if you live in the San Jose, California area. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to pleaforpeace.com and see what we're working on, but I need help in finding out how I can open a youth center.

9:59 AM
I love basketball. A real love affair that drains my soul and physically destroys my body. A friend had asked me to play in a game last night and my body just gave up. Shin splints and a bum knee had me hobbling about for 45 minutes. It was quite embarassing, but I trucked on hoping that the basketball gods would somehow heal me. You see, exercise sucks! Well, it doesn't suck. It's just hard to get motivated at times, but basketball is my merriment. When you end up playing 6 days a week at the age of 36, well.......it doesn't quite work.

Anyways, I need to take a week off. That means either I do nothing or I opt for a different type of cardio that is low impact on my legs. I guess I should start riding my bike again. I've been neglecting my dear friend. And Monica's father had given me a wireless mileage tracker for xmas(bless him), so I need to get good use from that device. We'll see. I'll probably end up playing basketball regardless cause I'm stupid.

It's already Thursday. Where did the week go?? We're closed at Asian Man on Thursday, but I'm here anyways to do some catch up work. Be well people.
Peace always,
Mike Park