February 08, 2006

DO YOU BOOK DIY SHOWS?-All of you who book shows across the United States, get in touch with me please. Asian Man Records bands want to tour this summer, so get in touch if you can help with booking. mikeasianman@aol.com

HELP:Dearest friends, I need help getting things started with the PLEA FOR PEACE FOUNDATION. I'm at a stand still. My mind is mush. For those involved in the non-profit world, please get in touch. Especially if you live in the San Jose, California area. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to pleaforpeace.com and see what we're working on, but I need help in finding out how I can open a youth center.

12:01 PM
Another beautiful day here in good ol' San Jose. Went to San Francisco last night and even up there, people were walking about in short sleeves enjoying the insane Feb. weather. Ya know, I really enjoy San Francisco. Maybe after all is said and done I could settle down there. Without a car, I'd be set cause I love walking the steep hillls. You get such an incredible workout just walking from point A to point B.

Monica and I trekked down to POLK ST. and tried a new restaurant we'd never been to. We settled on Chinese food. A small place with a few people eating inside. We ordered hot/sour soup, kung pao tofu, and potstickers. The staff were nice and the ambience was A OK, but the food was mmmmm... SO/SO. I wouldn't go back. We're gonna try something new once a week. Next week(Valentines Day) we'll hit up something new.

Waking up in San Francisco and walking through the busy streets is so much fun. There's so much energy oozing out of the cracks. One second you have a transvestite singing aloud from a hand held ghetto blaster and then you have a business man in suit and tie riding on a harley with the same song blasting from his bike. What??
Mike Park