February 06, 2006

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2:01 PM
Happy Monday!! Isn't it great to start another work week, school week, or an unemployed week? FUN FUN EH?? Right now, I'm thinking of crazed fans in Pittsburgh losing their minds. The thought of yellow and black running through the streets, drinking malt liquor with smiles that run through the state of PA.
There was little interest in the Super Bowl from me. I still attended a SUPER BOWL get together, but I was more interested in getting people to play me in PING PONG than sit idle whilst watching grown men try to kill each other. Not that I don't like football. I just didn't yesterday.

Friday I went to San Francisco to a going away party for jessaca. She's moving to....PITTSBURGH of all places. We played Scrabble and drank Grolsch beer whilst watching the daring eat BOLUT?? I have no idea how to spell it. It's a boiled egg that is a bit more advanced in age. That is, the bird has formed. DOH!! It freaked me out.

On Saturday, Monica and I went to Pebble Beach to a wedding reception for an school friend named Jason. I've known him since grammar school, but we haven't really spent much time together in the last 20 years. But he's a very good man and he seems very happy with his wife. When we drove up, there was valet parking and rows of expensive cars. Damn, I thought. I knew that it was going to be nice, but now I wondered how nice?? When we walked into the joint I saw a sea of people wearing tuxedos, fur coats, and fancy shmancy gowns/dresses..blahblahblah blah blah. It reminded me of a movie setting where the rich get together to do whatever rich people do. I immediately felt out of place. I was wearing a suit that I bought at the salvation army for $12 and Monica was wearing a dress she bought at a thrift store for $7. I am certain we were the hobos out of the 400+ people in attendance. And I didn't recognize anybody.. My name card said Table 20. Hmmm... would my friend Kennedy be at the same table. And yes, I looked and at least I'd have someone who knew me at the table.

After some searching, I found a group of people whom I had gone to school with. It was nice to see familiar faces and catch up with them. Damn, everyone looks so much older now. Do I? Probably, but I still feel like a kid. My friend Jeff said "Let me get you a drink..Anything you want, it's on me". And then I said "The bar is hosted, isn't it??" "YES", he responded. HAHAHA.. I drank a beer and chatted amongst the small group of people I knew. The conversations were thwarted by my short attention span as my eyes continued to survey the surroundings. I looked and looked and wondered aloud "Am I the only minority here?" How can this be?? Oh, there's one... Oh no, he's working here. 400 white people and me. Damn, I am the winner I guess. We sat for dinner and three courses of deliciousness came to our table. Pears/mixed greens with a bleu cheese something or another came through, followed by Filet minon, and capped off with a chocolate souflex with vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate shavings and dark sauce of more chocolate and more and more and more chocolate. Yummmm.....

Some speeches by his brothers who are all amazing in their own special way including an opera esque vocal offering by his youngest brother paved the way for a blessed evening of fun and enjoyment. Monica is still fighting through her inner demons that prevent her from hitting the dance floor. We'll try again in two weeks at another wedding, but for now she is more comfortable sitting alone whilst I dance. Who knows, she could be the next GINGER ROGERS, but she'll never know if she doesn't try. Try Monica, just try.

Well, it's lunchtime folks. Enjoy the week.
peace always,
Mike Park