February 03, 2006

10:02 AM
My lips are blistered and chapped, I've got cold sores inside my mouth, and the greys on my head are coming in by the hundreds daily. And that's the good news. Just kidding. Things aren't so bad. I'm just a little stressed right now. We all go through stages of stress in our life. It's just that I can't stop analyzing everything and everyone. The frantic pace everyone is on makes me sad. We have no culture in the US. It's wakened by alarm, 15 minutes of hygiene, 20 minutes of eating, 30 seconds to the door.

The only country I've seen worse is Japan and their insane work hours. But as I drive the freeways and see every driver on the cell phone racing by at high speeds, I can't help but wonder what went wrong. Technology keeps moving and everyone works to keep up with their fix of the latest invention. Think about it. Let's look back to Star Trek. Those friggin walky talkys are real now!! Beam me up Scotty!! WHat's next? Teleportation? Why not. It would make touring a breeze for me. A show in England on Monday, Japan on Tuesday, back home for lunch with mom on Wednesday, and then skiing in Switzerland on Thursday. Shooooootzzzz and just for kicks, climbing MT. EVEREST on Friday. Wonder what jet lag will be like??

Anyways, I've done nothing much this week. The weekend is busy. A going away party tonight for a friend, a wedding tomorrow, and the SUPER BOWL. GO A'S!! Oh, wrong sport.
Mike Park