February 02, 2006

10:21 AM
There are a lot of things on my mind. Through the tragedy called LIFE we endure, we survive, and we constantly struggle through the basic grind. Is this what it's supposed to be like? Mom always said "work hard while you're young and you can enjoy security in the future". But what exactly is working hard? No amount of money can buy happiness. Well, hmmmm... maybe a milli...... NO!! I stand by that statement. Money sucks.

I am pondering the fact that life is so short and the pressure I feel to live every day to the fullest capacity. Breathe Mike Breathe. Complacency is the root of all evil. So what am I talking about exactly? Well, I'm not quite sure. I just feel empty today. My friend Jenny is questioning my motives, my dear roomate can't quit smoking, and important people in my life are somewhat distant. It's probably me overanalyzing again, but yes.. today I feel lazy.

And everyone is so angry. Do I dare question the integrity of this country? The state of the union address by our president only confirmed my fears. We are a divided nation hated by a majority of the world. But at this point I'm even taking sides. The right and the left. The wrong and the right. At this point I'm just so tired of the bickering. When will we see news of smiling compliments instead of snickering cynicism. I just don't get it right now. Again, I'm thinking too much. Perhaps I need to just close my eyes, click my feet together, and just hope.
Mike Park