January 31, 2006

9:21 AM
Yesterday was a long day. I worked from 9:00 AM til' 6:57 PM. My body and mind were convulsing as I'm not one who can stand still for long periods of time. Sitting in front of the computer is hell to me, but I realize it's a necessity in work and admittedly a place for entertainment at times. But that's the trap. It is addicting and it took me years to stop my video game addiction. The last thing I want to do is to whore my time to this damn computer.

Embrace technology they say. Hmmmm... I'm thinking of getting rid of my cell phone, but there is a fear in me that makes no sense. What did we do before cell phones?? Why do we need them now?? So we can talk non-stop everywhere. In the car, at the grocery store, in the gym, at the checkout counter, the post office, etc. etc. etc. I'm seeing more signs that say PLEASE KEEP YOUR CELL PHONES OUT OF OUR ESTABLISHMENT. YAY!! Why would somebody answer their phone in a restaurant. OR EVEN WORSE!! In the movies?? I've seen it, heard it, and yelled at people for it.

Today, I'll work a bit and then I'm gonna go to San Francisco and stay at Monicas for the night. Be well everyone. BE WELL>
Mike Park