January 26, 2006

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5:00 PM
Exactly 5 PM. I just ate an entire box of cookies. Let me look at the nutrional facts. There are 12 servings, so I just ate 96 grams of fat. 1,680 calories. Hmmmmm... That can't be good for you.

I went up to San Francisco last night and stayed with Monica. Parking is impossible in the NOB HILL area. I ended parking about a mile away. Seriously. It took 20 minutes to walk to Monicas, but I just couldn't handle driving anymore, so the walk actually felt good. We went to the mission earlier and got burritos at EL FAROLITO. They have the best green salsa. There was a chunk of avacodo that was so big and scrumptuous that I smiled anonymously. yeah, these things excite me. I'm a nerd.

Back at Monicas, we hoped that Degrassi would be on NOGN, but nothing. Oh well. We opted for Brady Bunch and then sleep. On the drive to ASIAN MAN from San Francisco I could only think about Miya Osaki and how she commuted for 6 years from OAKLAND(farther than SF) to Asian Man everyday. She is crazy!! How did she manage to pull this off?? I have no idea. But I called her right there and lucky for me she answered and we got to talk about the wonders of SUDOKU. She's addicted to. WOOHOO!!!

Not so productive today. I managed to do a couple of needed things at work, but for the most part, I just ate cookies and milk. THE END.
Mike Park