November 06, 2003
8:26 PM

5 more days til' the biggest release of 2003. Yes, MIKE PARK-For The Love Of Music will hit stores. Lines are starting now outside of many top tier chains like WAL MART and TARGET and Yeah RIGHT!! I'm just being silly. Last night, I played Trivial Pursuit and I realized my knowledge of history sucks. I wish I was more like Jeff Feucht from Colossal. He's a history buff and I bet he'd be a good trivial pursuit partner. In fact, the only thing I was good at was the Sports category. Even entertainment stumped me. I was like uhh..duh... I don't know. Sports please. Well, it was pretty embarassing having only one piece of the pie all night and only trying to land on green. Tomorrow night there's two lads from the UK coming to film a documentary on what I do at Asian Man. They'll be here for two weeks and will come with me on my short tour of the west coast. That should be interesting. Also, my friend Reika is coming to visit for 10 days starting on Monday, so it's gonna be an intertional fun time for us. JAPAN, KOREAN AMERICAN, BRITISH in the house. I got to go....I'm using Julie Wagers computer and she wants to use it. BYE

Peace, Mike Park