January 24, 2006

4:44 PM in Germany, 9:44 AM in California
In movies, tv, books, urban legend.......you hear about someone hooking up on a plane. Well, I didn't but the friggin couple three feet from me have. It's so bizarre. I know they didn't know each other before the flight. The dude was sitting a few rows up and then a flight attendant asked if he would move so a family could sit together. Now he is friggin doing his thang. Human beings are funny. Insanity. I bet the next move will be the bathroom because they are going hot and heavy. It's embarassing.

Anyways, this flight has wireless internet. Yeah, it's $29.99, but they have it and no I didn't get it though I should. It would be a tax write off and I could entertain myself for the next three hours, which is the remaining duration of this flight. But it's not worth it. I can't stomach paying such a fee for something like that. I'll save the money for a better situation.

So by now you've realized the Europe tour is over and I'm headed back home. Last night, we wrapped up the show in BOCHUM, GERMANY. By far the best show of the tour for me. The crowd was attentive and I felt energized by the performance. I even managed to sing a Billy Bragg cover. Ahhhh.....It felt good to end on such a high.

The bus left at 3 AM for the airport. I took two ALKA SELTZER PM at around 1 AM in hopes I could fall asleep and believe it or not I was out by 2:30 AM and woke up at 6:30 AM. The timing couldn't have been better. I got dressed and at 7:45 AM, the bus dropped me off at Frankfurt Intl Airport. A fast moving line had me through checkout in minutes and straight to my gate that included two seperate security check points, but that's ok. There was only one place to get food near the gate, so my desire for a big breakfast was thwarted and I settled for a ham and cheese ciabatta. Not bad....

This flight has been a huge improvement from the flight coming over. I feel refreshed and energized. I took an hour nap on the plane and pages of SUDOKU have kept me entertained. Plus I've found a great music channel on the airplane in-flight service. A blend of folk, country, and indie. John Denver is on right now. Country Road is name of the song I believe. The seat is still as small as humanly possible, but for some reason time has gone by a lot quicker. Can't wait to see Monica and my family. TICK TOCK... The clock is ticking. i'll be home soon.
Mike Park